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Petro’s Paving is a family-owned and operated, local full service asphalt paving company in Cecil County, MD. Third generation asphalt paving contractor specializing in asphalt paving, sealcoating, asphalt driveways, asphalt parking lots and more in Cecil County, MD including Dundalk, MD and Towson, MD. Perfectly asphalt paved driveways, parking lots, and roads not only help you enhance the appearance of your home or business, but they also help you avoid issues with potholes and other hazards. The asphalt paving team at Petro’s Paving, a paving company in the Cecil County, MD area understands just how beneficial it is to have an asphalt paved surface that looks good and functions even better.

We’ve seen plenty of paving companies come and go over the 20 years we have been in business here in the Cecil County, MD area. During this time, our family-owned paving business Petro’s Paving just continued to improve ourselves and become one of the top paving contractors in our service area. Our longevity is based almost solely on our ability to provide amazing services to our clients while keeping our prices very competitive. Additionally, our asphalt paving team believes that your complete satisfaction is incredibly important and will do what it takes to meet or exceed all of your paving expectations.

A Step Above Other Asphalt Paving Companies in the Cecil County, MD Area.

For more than four generations, our asphalt paving contractors at Petro’s Paving have been honing their crafts while staying up-to-date on the latest in new and efficient technologies. This combination of old-school knowledge and skills with new-school equipment makes us one of the most efficient and effective paving companies in the area. Our asphalt paving team in the Cecil County, MD area is committed to meeting the needs of both our residential and commercial clients and look forward to assisting you with any paving repairs, installations, or striping services you may require.

When you come to our paving company, you should feel confident that you have made the right choice for your budget as well as your property. That is why we here at Petro’s Paving not only keep our prices nice and competitive, but offer a number of different specials for you to take advantage of, including senior discounts, military discounts, and referral discounts. You shouldn’t have to break your budget to receive the paving services you need. Come to us for any of the following affordable asphalt paving services in the Cecil County, MD area:

  1. General Paving Services
  2. Brick Paver Installation Services
  3. Driveway Paving Services
  4. Driveway Repair Services
  5. Parking Lot Paving Services
  6. Pothole Repair Services
  7. Sealcoating Services
  8. Asphalt Grading Services
  9. Line Striping Services
  10. Sports Court Paving Services

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Driveway Paving Company in the Cecil County, MD Area.

Residential asphalt driveways in Cecil County, MD are a key component to your home property. Our driveway paving team at Petro’s Paving takes great pride in our driveway paving work and we will review that the proper grade is obtained to support your new asphalt driveway or recondition your existing asphalt driveway. We will deploy the right paving equipment to fit your need and take special precautions as to building the right drainage and providing a smooth asphalt finished surface for your driveway paving area. Our asphalt pavement for residential driveways is second to none, adding value to your property. We only use the best materials for our asphalt driveway paving so it can last for many years in the Cecil County, MD area with the proper maintenance and care.

The subgrade for asphalt driveway paving should be graded smooth, made free of organic materials, and weak spots undercut and replaced with suitable material. Proper drainage provisions along with the final crown and slopes need to be addressed and our driveway paving company will work with you to determine what will be the best solution. A base course of 6 to 8 inches of crushed aggregate is usually adequate. A properly constructed asphalt pavement for driveway paving using an appropriate mix design will require minimal maintenance. Providing proper drainage is essential to reducing maintenance costs. Asphalt maintenance is generally divided into two categories, preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance for your asphalt driveway in Cecil County, MD  should be performed on a regular basis to remove vegetation, improve drainage, and resolve any unsafe conditions. Corrective maintenance for your asphalt driveway in Cecil County, MD is performed as needed to repair a specific pavement failure or distress areas.

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Parking Lot Paving Company in the Cecil County, MD Area.

It is always about first impressions.  Your parking lot paving is the first area that your visitors or customers will use and see here in the Cecil County, MD area.  Having a smooth finish can ensure that everyone uses a nice safe walking and driving surface.  A clean and safe parking lot opens the door to new businesses and opportunities and our parking lot paving company will deliver only high-quality asphalt surfaces for your parking lot paving project in the Cecil County, MD area.

Our parking lot paving company specializes in new parking lots, paved expansions and/or asphalt repairs that will enhance your business space.  Our parking lot paving team has over 60 cumulative years’ experience with top-notch performance and excellent reputation in the Cecil County, MD area.  The asphalt paving team at Petro’s Paving has redesigned and made recommendations to our customers that has saved them millions of dollars over the years. 

Petro’s Paving will take care of drainage issues, diverting water to drainage systems and eliminating water pond issues that with time will degrade parking lot areas in the Cecil County, MD area. It is important to pay special attention to the water drainage collection areas because when those areas are not properly designed the asphalt composition and surface will degrade substantially quicker. Our parking lot paving team specializes in high traffic and very tight spaces, creating a superb finish with limited seams and great precision.

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We love our driveway!! Thank you so much for doing such as superb job. We truly appreciate the effort that is so apparent in the finished product. All of our neighbors have stopped to comment. If ever you need to show someone an example of the quality of your work, please feel free to use us as a reference. we’re sure we’ll be seeing you again on our street! Work like yours speaks for itself. Have a blessed day and again thank you so much.

Barbara Thomas


Columbia, MD

We specialize in residential & commercial driveway paving and much more.

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